Hello! Welcome to the ToothFairyBlog

I am a Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry. I work for the NHS providing dental care for children and young people from birth to 16 years. I love my job. No two days are the same and I am privileged to work as part of an amazing team.

In December 2012 I became a Mummy to Ava Mae, my gorgeous girl. I met some wonderful Mummy friends and we shared a fantastic, albeit exhausting, year together. Along the way, I realised that there was a shortage of accessible, user-friendly, evidence-based information on how to care for children’s teeth. From teething to brushing, I became an unofficial sounding board for all things teeth and from there this blog was born.

I’m not naive. I know I can’t change the world, no matter how stubborn I am. But I hope that I can share some of my expertise and perhaps help to raise the profile of children’s oral health in some small way. So this is me, reaching out to you, saying I hope that I can support you in the most important job any of us can do…..