Ditching the dummy – a personal journey

I don’t think I have actually mentioned that I am now a mother of two!¬† Its not even a recent thing but Ava is now a big sister to Archie and I am Mummy to a gorgeous smiley nearly 2 year old boy ūüôā I have written¬†about dummies and dental health but I also wanted […]

How often should children see the dentist?

We all know that we should visit the dentist every six months, right? Well actually it’s not quite as simple as that. ¬†Dental recall, or the time between ‘checkup’ appointments, has been in the news again today, so how often should children see the dentist? National guidance recommends that dentists consider a number of factors […]

Ten tips for terrific toddler teeth

Well I am now officially the mother of a toddler. Long gone are the days of the quiet and passive baby (actually, I’m not sure I ever had one of those) and instead I am faced with managing a very independent, strong-willed little girl who has very firm views on what she does and does […]

oral health

Children’s oral health in the news

Children’s oral health has barely been out of the UK news since my last post. I guess it’s a good thing that we are all talking about children’s teeth (as you know, it’s a subject close to my heart and the reason I write this blog) but why the sudden interest? At the heart of […]

“The Dentists”

“I don’t regret it because you can’t stop kids eating toffees…..keeps your kids happy – fair enough…..if the teeth falls out – fair enough”. Welcome to my world. I sat down with some trepidation to watch “The Dentists”, ITV’s new observational documentary filmed at the University Dental Hospital of Manchester. I tend to shy away […]