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Children’s oral health in the news

Children’s oral health has barely been out of the UK news since my last post. I guess it’s a good thing that we are all talking about children’s teeth (as you know, it’s a subject close to my heart and the reason I write this blog) but why the sudden interest? At the heart of […]

“The Dentists”

“I don’t regret it because you can’t stop kids eating toffees…..keeps your kids happy – fair enough…..if the teeth falls out – fair enough”. Welcome to my world. I sat down with some trepidation to watch “The Dentists”, ITV’s new observational documentary filmed at the University Dental Hospital of Manchester. I tend to shy away […]

What to do if your child’s tooth is knocked out

Around a quarter of school children have suffered trauma to their permanent teeth. One of the most severe injuries is when a child’s tooth is knocked out or avulsed. Would you know what to do if your child’s tooth is knocked out? I’m guessing that you probably wouldn’t know what to do if your child’s […]

Do you have a teething baby?

Ava loves our weekly outing to the supermarket – I think it’s the combination of all the food on offer and the promise of a new audience waiting to be charmed. Unfortunately, my once efficient shop now takes at least 50% longer – partly due to the fact that I inevitably have to placate her […]

Open Wide... What's Inside

Open wide… what’s inside?

“Open Wide… what’s inside?” is a self-published book written by Paediatric Dentist, Alex Rushworth, and illustrated by her sister-in-law, Helen. This clever and beautifully written rhyming story tells the tale of the ‘Sugarbugs’ that live in our mouths. Whenever we eat we feed up these horrible creatures until they ‘do their business’ all over our […]