Babycup – a little cup, for little mouths

Babycup – the lowdown

Babycup is an open first cup designed to introduce your little one to sipping from an open cup during weaning.  It is 5cm tall, holds 50ml and is marked in 10ml graduations. The cups are non-toxic and BPA and phthalates-free. They come in packs of four (pink, blue, green, yellow or mixed) with a recommended retail price of £7.99.

Babycup – promoting dental health from an early age

Paediatric dentists recommend introducing an open or free-flowing cup once your baby is around 6 months old, with the aim of stopping bottle feeding by one year of age.  The reason for this is that straws, teats and spouts encourage children to suck for long periods of time, which can mean the drinks that cause tooth decay have increased contact with your child’s teeth. Sippy cups can be convenient but it is important to teach your little one to sip, not suck.

Anyone who knows me personally, will know that I’m a big fan of baby-led weaning. Gill Rapley has certainly had a big impact in our household and I credit her philosophy for the fact that Ava is such a confident and non-fussy eater. I was, therefore, very excited to be asked to review Babycup.

Babycup review day 1

I thought I’d let Archie have a quick inspection of his new cups. Within two minutes we had this:

Archie with baby cup

😯 Seriously, at 4 1/2 months old he had picked it up and got it to his mouth. I was astonished. How incredible are children?

Predictably, the moment was hijacked by Ava who ‘needed’ some milk in hers. Thank goodness there were four cups in our pack……

Ava with babycup


Babycup review day 2

I decided to put about 10ml of expressed milk in a Babycup for Archie with his breakfast. At first we had a lot of ‘chomping’ but within a few minutes he had mastered taking little sips and swallowing too. Incredible! I had prepared for much more mess but by going ever so slowly at first, with time to rest between mouthfuls, he soon had it sussed. By the end of the second cup he was able to take a few sips at a time, swallowing effectively as he drank. He also put his hand over mine to control his Babycup – very cute!

From here, I’m going to try to keep this up and also let Archie play with his Babycup so he can practice picking it up and getting it to his mouth. As it gets warmer and he reaches 6 months of age, I’m going to strip him down and let him have a try drinking some boiled then cooled water by himself. I really am confident that he will be able to have most of his drinks this way as his manual dexterity improves and he continues to wean.

Babycup – the verdict

I am seriously impressed with this product. It’s so simple, but perhaps that’s what makes it so brilliant. So why does it work? Firstly, it’s obvious to me that it has been designed by a Mum in the know – every detail has been thought through. Dishwasher and steriliser safe? Check. Easy to clean, practical to store? Check. Non- toxic? Check. Secondly, the size and shape is spot-on. It’s just right for little hands to pick up and the smaller circumference reduces the chances of spills. Babycup Director Sara Keel puts it beautifully when she gives the analogy that a baby drinking from an adult cup, is like an adult attempting to drink from a bucket…..

If I have to be critical, the price is at first glance maybe a little steep, but then again I spent similar amounts on other cups for Ava which didn’t get used…. One Amazon reviewer suggested buying “plastic shot glasses” instead. I don’t think that is fair. This really is a quality product which is safe to use and far more robust in tiny hands which like to crush and throw. So, on reflection, I’d say if you are serious about finding a good open cup for little ones in the 4-18 month range, then this is the best I’ve come across. After that, I love the IKEA rainbow cups which are a great bargain, but are more suitable for older toddlers.

From a dental perspective, I would certainly support any product that can facilitate the move from bottle to open cup feeding at 6 months.  If you plan to follow baby-led weaning then it’s a must. On top of that, the simplicity of this product is a welcome change from the challenge of constructing a sippy cup, let alone trying to drink from one. (Seriously, have you tried?!) loves…….

  • Babycups support open cup drinking from an early age, minimising the risk of early childhood caries
  • The colours are gorgeous
  • They are the perfect size for little hands
  • They are made in England and BPA free
  • The rim is smooth and narrow making it easier for little mouths
  • They are lightweight and stackable and easy to pop into the changing bag
  • and well, they are so cute, aren’t they?

Click here to buy Babycup.

Read more about Babycup on their website.

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