How often should children see the dentist?

We all know that we should visit the dentist every six months, right? Well actually it’s not quite as simple as that.  Dental recall, or the time between ‘checkup’ appointments, has been in the news again today, so how often should children see the dentist? National guidance recommends that dentists consider a number of factors […]

Ten tips for terrific toddler teeth

Well I am now officially the mother of a toddler. Long gone are the days of the quiet and passive baby (actually, I’m not sure I ever had one of those) and instead I am faced with managing a very independent, strong-willed little girl who has very firm views on what she does and does […]

oral health

Children’s oral health in the news

Children’s oral health has barely been out of the UK news since my last post. I guess it’s a good thing that we are all talking about children’s teeth (as you know, it’s a subject close to my heart and the reason I write this blog) but why the sudden interest? At the heart of […]