Open Wide... What's Inside

Open wide… what’s inside?

“Open Wide… what’s inside?” is a self-published book written by Paediatric Dentist, Alex Rushworth, and illustrated by her sister-in-law, Helen.

This clever and beautifully written rhyming story tells the tale of the ‘Sugarbugs’ that live in our mouths. Whenever we eat we feed up these horrible creatures until they ‘do their business’ all over our teeth. I love the fact that Alex has tapped into the mindset of her readers – with all the references to poo she will have them engrossed. It is a simple but effective message. Brush your teeth, get rid of the “Sugarbug poo”. I also loved the “Crazy teeth facts” page – who knew an armadillo had 104 teeth?

Rhyming tales, poo and facts – what’s not to love? At ¬£3.75 it is perfect for a stocking filler and larger books are available too for anyone fancying a copy for the dental waiting room….

¬† loves…….

the drive and enthusiasm of this self-publishing duo!

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Open Wide… What’s Inside

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